Road Closures And Parking Restrictions

During Wembley Stadium Event Days only, two important restrictions are in place:

  • The Brent Council Wembley Stadium Protective Parking Scheme which is an on street parking restriction.
  • Wembley Stadium industrial estate complex road closures, which effectively restrict vehicular traffic between the eastern and western sides of Wembley Stadium.

Protective Parking Scheme - Event Day Zone

The Wembley Stadium Event Day Protective Parking Scheme is a controlled zone scheme which is in effect only on Stadium event days, but note that some Arena event days also fall on the same date in which case the same restrictions apply.

The scheme affects an area that spans as far south as the junction of Hillside and Craven Park Road, as far west as Bridgewater Road, as far east as Randall Avenue and as far north as Wilson Drive and parts of Shaftsbury Lane. The restricted areas are not encompassing the entire area as described above, a map of the restricted areas is available from the Brent Council website. Let's call the area it covers "Event Day Zone".

The scheme operates as follows:

  • In areas that fall into the Event Day Zone where no current "Controlled Parking Zone" exists, the restrictions are from 10am until midnight, and an Event Day Permit will be required to park in restricted areas (where parking is permitted).
  • In areas that fall into the Event Day Zone but also have their own "Controlled Parking Zone" the restrictions are from 8am to midnight, unless they have restrictions which start earlier.
  • Some bus lanes within Wembley may also have restrictions which start earlier.

Road Closures

On Wembley Stadium Event days there are a number of road closures, which aim to disconnect the roads to the eastern side of Wembley Stadium (the Wembley Stadium Industrial Zone) and those to western side of Wembley Stadium (the local roads, including Empire Way and Wembley Park Hill). These restrictions are in place from 10.00am until midnight. Although in some cases the roads may be restricted later than 10.00 and reopened before midnight, this should not be relied upon and it is best to assume the given times.

These restrictions are NOT in effect on Wembley Arena Event days unless there is a Wembley Stadium Event on the same day

The following roads are closed during the times described above:

  • Fulton Road, at junction of Olympic Way. Rutherford Way is only accessible from the eastern side.
  • Engineers Way, at junction of Olympic Way. Rutherford Way is only accessible from the eastern side. Wembley Retail Park is only accessible from the eastern side
  • South Way, just after the junction with First Way. Therefore South Way from Great Central Way and Fourth Way are accessible all the way to First Way (indeed First Way is only accessible from South Way).